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Rebecca Rico Finklea, CPM, LM is the owner and primary midwife for Precious Blessings Midwife Care. She is a Florida native who answered a calling and fulfilled a life long dream by attending the Miami Dade Midwifery Program, graduating with honors in May 2001. She passed her NARM national certification exam in August 2001 and was licensed (MW144) by the State of Florida Department of Health,  Division of Medical Quality Assurance in December 2001.

Rebecca lives in Plant City, Florida. She is married and has three young children, one born in the hospital and two born at home. She has attended nearly 300 births in Tampa Bay Area homes and birth centers over the last 13 years. Her experiences as a midwife and mother have reinforced her long held conviction that birth is a normal life event that should be honored and supported without interventions. She hopes that more women become aware of the empowering joy of normal birth and that the Midwives Model of Care is established as the gold standard for maternity care in the United States.


Professional memberships include the Midwives Association of Florida , Midwives Alliance of North America, National Association of Certified Professional Midwives , Florida Friends of Midwives and the Tampa Bay Birth Network .